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Welcome to the site! Raiding is done usually done on the weekend, but not limited to it.

Please also take a moment to update your profile with all the characters you have in the league and their role/level/CR, and take a look at the forums and talk with your fellow league mates. Thank you, and have fun!
Guild News

Armories Arrive in DCUO Next Week!

Alteruser X-zero, Jan 7, 14 6:03 PM.
Happy New Year DCUO Fans,

I’m happy to announce that we will be launching Armories for DC Universe Online next week! For those of you who haven’t been following this new addition to the game, Armories are a Base item that allow you to set up, save, and imprint virtually every aspect of your character, including your styles, equipment, loadouts, and power and skill point allocations. Then, you can activate your Armory in the field to switch to that build instantly. The possibilities are endless and we cannot wait to see Armories in your hands.


Armories are a Marketplace item, and there are several things everyone should know about them:
  • First, EVERYONE will get an Armory for free on each character by completing a mission
  • Your characters can have up to 4 Armories active in the field at any one time
  • Your characters can have up to 4 Armories per Base, for 16 Armories total (you can choose which of your 16 are active)
  • Armories are a consumable Marketplace item that must be consumed on each character
  • Like most consumable Marketplace items, Armories can be moved via the Shared Bank between your characters (as long as they have not yet been consumed)
  • Armories are visual Base items as well as a new feature, and can be placed freely in your Base like any other visual Base item
  • Armories can be activated out of combat at any time, in PvE combat with a cooldown, but can’t be activated in PvP combat
I also want to share our plans for pricing ahead of time. In addition to the one Armory that we will be granting free to all players, you will be able to purchase additional Armories individually or in a bundle for as little as $4 each. Here is the price breakdown in US Dollars:

Armory Bundles
  • One Armory - $8 ($8 per Armory)
  • 4-Pack - $24 ($6 per Armory)
  • 8-Pack - $40 ($5 per Armory)
  • 15-Pack - $60 ($4 per Armory)
    • Armories will be sold for Station Cash on PC and for Marketplace Cash on PS, and will be added to the Loyalty Vendor for Loyalty Points
The 15-Pack has the best value and, remember, you can use the Shared Bank to move Armories between your characters if you don’t want the full 15 on one character.

We are excited to be bringing Armories and all the new customization, strategy, and gameplay opportunities they bring to DCUO. Next week can’t get here soon enough!

Upward and onward,

Larry “Captain” Liberty
Executive Producer
DC Universe Online
Guild Rules

General Rules

When in League chat either have push to talk on or mute your mic when not talking. The league has a lot of people in it and it would become very hectic if everyone had open mics always on.

Raid Rules (Pre update 31 loot system)

You can need on the role you enter the raid as. If there is something you want in your alt role or possibly a style in your alt role ask the people who are in that role if it is ok. Asking first will usually save a lot of drama when running with league and pickup groups.

Plans are open rolls so feel free to roll need on any plan. Most pickup groups follow this rule to so it shouldn’t cause too many issues, and as long as one person in the league gets the plans the whole league benefits.

And just remember this only is valid when the league has the majority vote in a raid because we can’t force others to follow our rules. At least not yet.

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